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@seratch is a software developer based in Tokyo.

Skinny Framework

Skinny is a full-stack web app framework built on Skinny Micro.

To put it simply, Skinny framework’s concept is Scala on Rails. Skinny is highly inspired by Ruby on Rails and it is optimized for sustainable productivity for Servlet-based web app development.


ScalikeJDBC is a tidy SQL-based DB access library for Scala developers. This library naturally wraps JDBC APIs and provides you easy-to-use and very flexible APIs. What’s more, QueryDSL makes your code type-safe and reusable.

ScalikeJDBC is a practical and production-ready one. Use this library for your real projects.

Technical Support

I have hepled many developers by making their projects more solid and more productive.
Specially application development in Scala, Java and Ruby is my field.
Feel free to contact the following email address.


mailto: seratch@good-flow.com
Kazuhiro Sera, Good Flow Technologies
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